Return Policy

All requests for service shall be done by contacting Eppendorf Nordic:  Nordic@eppendorf.dk

As service provider we use Nordic Service Group. Their qualified and Eppendorf trained team of technicians and fully equipped workshop support equipment and instruments purchased from Eppendorf Nordic. They are dedicated to provide excellent technical service and customer care to ensure that all of our products are supported throughout their lifetime.

Please do not return any items without an approval from Eppendorf Nordic. If by any chance you 
should want to return a newly purchased product this has to be claimed to Eppendorf Nordic within 14 days from the invoice date and the return will only be accepted as new if the product is return in the
original, unbroken package.

Eppendorf Nordic will not accept any invoices in relation to transportation of return items. All return has to be done on the purchasers account and risk only.