New Brunswick™ BioCommand® SCADA Software

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New Brunswick™ BioCommand® SCADA Software

Optional BioCommand PC-based software automates data logging, provides remote monitoring and control capabilities, and is OPC-compliant, allowing data from other OPC-compatible devices to be integrated into your control strategies. More information

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Eppendorf offers three next-generation New Brunswick BioCommand software packages to enhance your ability to monitor, control, and log data from your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer (PC). These Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) packages provide the tools needed for research, optimization, and if needed, the security and audit trails to support your regulatory requirements. All are OPC compatible to enable your fermentor or bioreactor to "talk" to any other OPC-compatible device in your lab or production facility.


  • New Brunswick BioCommand Track & Trend: this entry-level package has been designed specifically for researchers and scientists requiring basic data management and monitoring capabilities. It provides the ability to trend and control parameter setpoints, establish alarm settings, and produce batch records; and is ideal for basic process management.
  • New Brunswick BioCommand Batch Control: this intermediate package includes all the capabilities of Track and Trend, plus additional enhanced control features including a sophisticated programming module, custom synoptic display window, and equipment lock feature. The added control features of this software package make it ideal for optimizing your process.
  • New Brunswick BioCommand Batch Control Plus: our premium package includes all of the features of the previous two packages, adding three levels of security, event logs, and audit-trail capabilities to be compatible with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The Batch Control Plus package allows the power of the New Brunswick BioCommand software to be utilized in validated processes.
  • New Brunswick OPC Server: used to interface and connect OPC-compliant third-party equipment to BioFlo/CelliGen bioreactors and fermentors. Included with all BioCommand software packages listed above. Additionally, can be used without BioCommand packages to provide connectivity to third-party SCADA such as MATLAB®, LabVIEW™ and other OPC-compatible packages.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour
New Brunswick™ BioCommand® SCADA Software
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