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epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software
epMotion® Software

The epBlue software comes pre-installed on every epMotion workstation for intuitive operation and flexible programming of your liquid handling applications.
Depending on the epMotion configuration the software can be upgraded with epBlue ID sample tracking module, the epBlue GxP compliance module or with user-guided software assistants. More information

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Simple and clear. epBlue takes you through your everyday pipetting tasks. Choose your objective in the home section and follow the epBlue commands from left to right with innovative guiding menus. Pipetting pattern recognition, labware database and liquid classes make time-consuming procedures a breeze to program.
Simply set-up your worktable, select the pipetting commands, simulate and launch. Operating and programming epBlue is easy and fast.

See show more for epBlue ID and epBlue GxP as well as epMotion Editor software.

epBlue ID: Modular expansion of epBlue to support barcode-based documentation, run lists, and simplified communication with LIMS or ELN. Includes manual barcode reader and stand for barcode reader. Must be ordered together with the epBlue software (5075 018.004). The epBlue ID module is compatible with all epMotion PC versions except the epMotion 5075 MC PC version. It is not compatible with the epMotion panel versions.

epBlue GxP: The epMotion GxP system solution includes an automated pipetting system, epBlue GxP software and certificates, and special certification and validation services (e.g., IQ/OQ and user trainings). The epMotion GxP automated Liquid Handling systems have been developed according to the GAMP 5 Guidelines. They are based on the software- and documentation-requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, 58, 211, GLP, GMP and GCP. The GxP system solution helps highly regulated laboratories minimize the cost and time required to fulfill validation requirements for their processes, because Eppendorf,
as the manufacturer, has already completed essential parts of system validation.

epMotion Editor: Offline PC software for epMotion. With the PC Editor methods can be create, edited and simulated on a PC. Method is transferred to the epMotion MultiCon or EasyCon by USB stick or to control panel via the MMC card.

epBlue — Simplify your programming

› Intuitive graphical user interface
› Pattern recognition for easy programming of complex patterns in 96 or 384 wells (See picture: Source and destination position are the same color - epBlue detects pattern and suggests the next field)
› Large labware data base―use almost any possible labware
› Liquid classes―for highest performance of pipetting various liquids
› CSV import of files for normalization and cherry picking
› Safe operation through 3D run simulation. Before starting your application, you can simulate the run
› User management

User guided programming for everyone

The innovative Eppendorf software assistant concept is a new level of user friendly programming of automated liquid handling systems. With a few simple questions the user is guided through the programming. It is a quick and easy way to use epMotion and start methods with only little training efforts. Various application-specific assistants are available for PCR set-up, nucleic acid preparation or general liquid handling, and Eppendorf will continuously extend the range of assistants in the future. The new software assistants are so intuitive that any laboratory member can start automation without extensive programming expertise.

› Quick access by desktop icons
› User guided step-by-step programming
› Settings are stored for next use
› Methods can be saved for further modification in epBlue software
› 3× Prep assistants
› 4× PCR assistants
› 7× LH assistants

epMotion® Software

epBlue ID — Secure barcode scanning–tracking–documentation

The epBlue ID software module allows for safe data exchange with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and simplifies external communication. The barcode reader enables the user to record barcodes on all tube types and microplates. Reagents can be documented with type and lot number. After manually scanning the barcodes, epBlue ID will store the IDs in its database from which data can be verified at any time. A result file containing sample IDs and their final location is generated by epBlue ID when the liquid handling process is completed. The result ID list can then be exported to a network drive and uploaded to a LIMS.

› Visual guidance of the scanning process
› Documentation of reagent type and batch
› Compatible with LIMS generated worklists

epMotion® Software

epBlue GxP — Solution according to 21 CFR part 11 regulations

The GxP solution was developed according to GAMP 5 and tailored for organizational and process requirements of 21 CFR part 11, 58, 211 and 820, GLP, GMP and GCP. The epBlue GxP solution consists
of the epMotion automated pipetting system, software, and services that are designed to significantly shorten
the timeline of your process validation and qualification. Eppendorf as a supplier has already taken care
of the major part of the regulatory required system validation and qualification. Thus the user can focus on their part of the application validation.

› Complete electronic documentation
› User level management and access control
› Audit trail and log file
› Revision management
› Configurable workflow management
› Export and archiving of digitally signed documents
› epBlue ID tracking using barcodes (optional extension)

epMotion® Software


  • Graphical user interface
  • Easy to operate
  • 3D view of workstation and run simulation
  • Access control and user level management
  • Importing of files for normalization and cherry picking
  • Printing and archiving protocols
  • Visual tracking of the scan procedure
  • Compatible with LIMS-generated work lists
  • Audit trail and log file
  • Electronic certificates according to industry-standard algorithm
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour


  • For use where process documentation is required
  • Simple and safe data exchange with laboratory information management systems
  • Source and target positions will be collected and documented
  • Documentation of result/run report according to GLP standard
  • Universal barcode reader, compatible with common barcode types including 2D barcodes

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